Full Body Cryotherapy

Introducing the most advanced Cryotherapy Sauna with Thermal contrast, combining Hot & Cold Therapy 

        Originating in Europe, there are currently only two of these machines in all of California and only 95 in all of the US. Cryo Wellness Spa has the edge on the Cryo market since this machine does what no other Cryo sauna does - combining hot and cold temperatures to deliver optimal results.  


Therma Contrast Cryotherapy is a unique feature developed in Spain. Athletes as well as wellness and beauty professionals have embraced this technology which is now available in the US. 

Thermal Contrast Technology creates an even greater change in skin temperature than traditional Cryotherapy does by briefly exposing the body to a hot environment of up to 176'F and then dropping the temperature rapidly down as low as -320'F.  The drastic change in temperature promotes the release of endorphins and amplifies pain-relieving effects for the user. 


How it Works:

Skin receptors alert the brain when you're freezing and blood is rushed in to protect your vital organs.  This process detoxifies and oxygenates the blood. Once you are out of the machine and your body re-acclimates to room temperature, your blood has a clearer picture of other areas in your body that need healing attention.  In each full body session, the cold and hot therapy process allows the body to re-create this natural healing process.




Release of endorphins, increased energy level or reduced stress, which affects the improvement of problems such as insomnia, anxiety or depression. 


The burning of calories (600-800 per session), the reduction of cellulite, the improvement of skin quality, the elimination of toxins or the oxygenation of cells. 


Increased performance, recovery after effort or prevention and recovery of injuries, which results in mental balance. 

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What to Expect:

You will be given a robe, socks, slippers and gloves to change into in a private space. You may keep your undergarments on under the robe, but they are not necessary.

Once in the Cryosauna, you will let your Cryo tech know what custom setting you would like, then pick your favorite song, toss the robe over the side of machine to your Cryo tech and enjoy your treatment!