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Eyelash Extensions


One less thing to do in the morning, wake up feeling ready for the day. No need for mascara, lash extensions are instant gratification, opening the eyes & bringing out the natural features of your face. Expect to lay comfortably with your head rested on a pillow, and your eyes closed for the entire procedure. You can snuggle up in a soft blanket and listen to music while you lightly feel the touch of your lash artist applying each and every extension in its perfect placement. When you wake up you will have beautiful lashes. (Yes, most clients fall asleep, its ok were used to it.)

First time clients should plan on a two hour visit. Each lash extension is applied to your natural lash about 1mm away from the root with a medical grade adhesive. No extension should ever be applied to the skin. Proper technique and isolation of your natural lash, keeps natural lashes strong & healthy. Please make sure to do your research when choosing a lash artist that is properly trained, using quality products. 

Only local products that have been researched and tested extensively are used, providing you the best quality, durability and beautiful results. 


Eyelash Extensions first started in Japan and are becoming more and more popular each year. This semi-permanent beauty treatment requires monthly maintenance called Touch-ups about every 2-3 weeks. 

As our natural lashes shed so do the eyelash extensions; usually we do not notice our natural lash shed cycle since they are so fine. Due to our natural shed cycle, at the time of your touch up we will take off the grown out lash extensions, carefully peeling them away from the natural lash and apply new extensions giving you a complete, fresh look again.