Localized & Cryo Facial


Localized Pain Relief


Sick of using an ice pack for sore muscles?  Have you tried Cryo?  Using the cold beam of vaporized nitrogen, we are able to target specific areas to deliver benefits such as reducing muscles inflammation, sore muscles, & increase mobility.  Professional athletics prefer Cryo to help speed up injury time. Sore knees?  Tight shoulders, neck or back?  Time to Cryo & feel relaxed, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

In place of ice baths or ice packs, Cryo spot treatment can be used for a specific area to:  

  • Decrease muscle inflammation
  • Soothe sore muscles
  • Increase mobility & improve athletic performance
  • Help speed up injury or surgery recovery time 

Localized Cryotherapy treatment time varies from 5-10 minutes per session


 Cryo Facial

Price: $45.00

The application of vaporized nitrogen to the face which stimulated the production of collagen.  This relaxing process rejuvenates skin and reverses signs of aging.  You will feel a cold stream of nitrogen that is refreshing, relaxing and soothing. 

A series of Cryo facials helps: 

  • Boost Collagen production
  • Diminish fine lines & wrinkles
  • Shrink pores & detox skin cells
  • Smooth skin texture & diminish blemishes

A Cryo facial uses the same device for localized cryotherapy, designed to treat the scalp, face, neck & chest.  As our skin ages it loses its collagen, as we get older skin also suffers from poor oxygen.  Over time it loses elasticity, wrinkles deepen, eyelids drop & the jaw line is not as clearly defined. A Cryo facial directs a beam of vaporized nitrogen in specific motions on the face and neck. The reaction that occurs helps to shrink pore size, while increasing blood flow.  This increased circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells as it detoxifies them.  

Treatment time is 10-15 minutes per session. 


Does it hurt?

Not at all, it actually feels very refreshing and soothing, whether you choose for pain relief or facial benefits. 

How soon will I see/feel results?

For face (includes scalp, face, neck & chest), we recommend 3-5 treatments, one week apart for best results. While nothing is a one-time fix, our clients often feel & see results immediately giving them that Cryo glow and sense of well being. 

For pain, we recommend 3-5 treatments back-to-back (or as close together as possible) depending on how much pain, inflammation or swelling you may have. We want to reduce the inflammation and/or swelling to increase mobility and reduce the pain.